Heating kits

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Safety is a priority. Our Heating Kits are engineered with advanced features that prioritize both comfort and security, allowing you to enjoy warmth with peace of mind.

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Experience warmth like never before with our wireless heating kits. Take charge of your comfort by adjusting temperatures from anywhere, anytime.


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Heating kits

Experience unparalleled warmth and comfort with our advanced Heating Kits. Designed to provide efficient and customizable heating solutions, our kits offer a cozy environment while optimizing energy usage for your ultimate satisfaction.


  • Number of heating zones 2
  • Possibility upgrade: to 30
  • Power of wireless walves: Batery 2x AA 1.5 V

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Good to know

The set consists of two Wireless Thermostatic Heads and a smart gateway for home automation control.

You can control 2 heating circuits and at any time add more smart heads to expand the number of circuits up to 30.

Yes, the smart gateway supports all types of devices and sensors.