Motion detector

With a heartbeat of its own, our motion detector stands vigilant, like a loyal sentinel, watching over your space.

Experience a new level of security and convenience with our cutting-edge Motion Detectors. Designed to detect movement within a designated area, these devices offer a wide range of applications, from enhancing home security to automating lighting and energy-saving measures.

Motion detectors are sophisticated devices designed to perceive and respond to movement within their designated areas.

Employed in various applications, from security to automation, these devices employ distinct technologies to accomplish their tasks effectively.


Our motion detector is more than technology

It’s your space’s watchful guardian.

Sensors and switches

Wireless motion detectors are pivotal components of modern security systems and home automation setups. By leveraging advanced sensor technology and wireless connectivity, these devices offer heightened security, energy efficiency, and convenience for both residential and commercial spaces.


  • Battery power: 2x batteries 1.5 V AA
  • Protection: IP20
  • Dimensions: 45 x 105 x 43 mm
  • Protocol: RFIO2

Choose your own style

Like vigilant sentinels, our window and door detectors stand watch. When windows or doors dare to stir, they alert you - offering security that's always on point. Rest easy knowing your space is under their watchful eye


Good to know

The motion detector can be connected to any switch element like RFSAI-6x, or the signal from the detector can be sent directly to the system unit.

The number of elements you can connect to a motion detector is not limited. Additionally, you can set different delays on various switch elements, creating staircase control zones.

2x AA batteries, which are included in the package, are used to power the motion detector.