Wirleless thermovalve

Join the thermovalve revolution – wirelessly shape your comfort with cutting-edge technology.

Experience the future of temperature regulation with our innovative Wireless Thermovalves. These cutting-edge devices combine wireless technology with valve control, allowing you to achieve precise and customized temperature settings for enhanced comfort and energy efficiency.

Command the temperature of your environment with ease using our wireless thermovalves.

Experience effortless adjustments from anywhere, optimizing comfort and energy efficiency. Say goodbye to manual valve adjustments and welcome the future of wireless temperature control.


Efficient Zone Heating:

Independently regulate temperatures in different zones of your space

Wirleless thermovalve

Wireless thermostats represent a technological leap in the realm of home comfort and energy efficiency. These devices combine wireless connectivity, advanced sensors, and intelligent algorithms to provide users with unprecedented control over their indoor climate. By offering convenience, energy savings, and customization, wireless thermostats redefine the way we manage temperature in our homes.


  • Supply voltage: 2 x 1.5 V battery AA
  • Range: in open space up to 100 m
  • Dimension: 50 x 50 x 70 mm
  • Protection: IP40
  • Thermo-valve nuts: M30 x 1.5

Choose your own style

With individual thermovalve units, you can tailor the temperature of each room to meet occupants' preferences, optimizing comfort.

Inels Wireless

Good to know

Thermovalve RFATV-2 can be managed by eLAN-RF-103 or RF Touch-2

Yes, RFATV-2 works with internal sensor or external sensors from wireless thermostats RFTC, thermosensors from RFSTI-11B-SL or RFTI-20 units

Thermovalve is powered by 2x AA 1.5 V batteries (included in the package)