Wireless thermostats

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Seamless Control:

Wireless Thermostats Redefined

Wireless thermostats

Wireless thermostats are at the forefront of smart home technology, revolutionizing the way we manage indoor climate control. By combining wireless connectivity, intelligent algorithms, and user-friendly interfaces, these thermostats offer precise temperature regulation, energy efficiency, and convenience for homeowners.


  • Supply voltage: 230 V AC (50-60 Hz)
  • Temperature measurement range: -20 … +50 °C
  • Output: 1x switching, 8 A
  • Dimensions: 43 x 44 x 22 mm
  • Communication protocol: RFIO2

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Good to know

There are 2 types of wireless thermostats: RFTC-50, designed for direct control of heating switch elements, and RFTC-10, designed for regulating a temperature circuit created within the system unit.

Both types of thermostats have built-in temperature sensors or can use external sensors from other elements.

The RFTC-50 thermostat can control up to 6 temperature circuits.

For each of the temperature zones on the system element, I can connect 1 RFTC-10 thermostat for local regulation of the set heating mode.