Control units security

Sleeping like a baby knowing our control unit security's got things under lock and key.

Experience unparalleled peace of mind as you manage and monitor security cameras, access points, and alarms seamlessly from a single, intuitive interface.

Sleep easy, our control units are wrapped in a cozy blanket of security.

Whether you're at home or on the go, our user-friendly interface puts security in your hands. Elevate protection, simplify control – all wirelessly.


Safeguarding Your Systems and home

Control units are the brains behind modern security systems, orchestrating an array of devices to ensure seamless protection for homes, businesses, and critical infrastructure.

Control units security

Protecting sensitive control units is paramount in today’s interconnected world. Our advanced Control Unit Security solutions are designed to safeguard critical systems from unauthorized access, cyber threats, and data breaches, ensuring the integrity and reliability of your operations.


  • Power supply AC 230 V or DC 12 V
  • Range up to 100 m (in the open air), in case of an insufficient signal between Smart RF box and unit please use the signal repeater – RFRP-20.
  • Communication frequency (868MHz, 866MHz, 916MHz, 922MHz) with bidirectional protocol RFIO
  • Communication interface, IP address – automatical DHCP/strong

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Control units aggregate data from various security devices, providing a unified view of the security landscape.

Inels Wireless

Good to know

I can connect up to 40 different control devices and another 30 sensors to the eLAN-RF-103

eLAN-RF-103 can be set with the help of the application, manually through the device menu or you can download settings to eLAN, that were created for control with other devices.

Device can be powered via 5V DC with adapter, or via USB-C cable

eLAN-RF can control lighting, blinds, all kinds of heating devices and also has programs for controlling cooling. So if the control is not limited by closing the communication protocol of the manufacturer of the air conditioning unit, it is also possible to control it.