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Experience the perfect blend of comfort and efficiency with our advanced Heating Control Units. Designed to provide precise and convenient control over heating systems, these units empower you to create your ideal indoor climate while optimizing energy usage.

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Customized Comfort:

Set your desired temperature with precision, ensuring your home is always at the perfect level of coziness.

Wireless touch unit

Wireless heating control units are at the forefront of modern home management, offering unprecedented control over indoor climate and energy consumption. By integrating wireless technology, intelligent algorithms, and user-centric design, these units provide tailored comfort, energy savings, and convenience for homeowners.


  • Design: flush mounted
  • Range up to 100 m (in open space)
  • Number of connectable components: 40
  • Dimensions: 94 x 94 x 36 mm
  • Protocol: RFIO2

Choose your own style

Upgrade your comfort with advanced heating control units.


Good to know

I can connect up to 40 different control devices and another 30 sensors to the RF Touch

RF Touch can be set with the help of the application, manually through the device menu or you can download settings to RF Touch that were created for control with other devices.

Device can be powered with 24V DC, or with PoE or via a USB-C cable

eLAN can control lighting, blinds, all kinds of heating devices and also has programs for controlling cooling. So if the control is not limited by closing the communication protocol of the manufacturer of the air conditioning unit, it is also possible to control it.