Matter devices

Discover Matter Devices for Expert Electrical Installations

Elevate Your Professional Electrification Projects

Introducing the Pioneer

First Matter Wireless Switch Now Available in the Market! Upgrade Your Smart Home with Cutting-Edge Technology.


Unlock Versatility in Switching and Dimming with Our Universal Solution

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Secure your property, automate functions in your home. That's what Matter sensors are all about!

Window, door, and occupancy detectors. Just scan the QR code, and you're under protection


Switches and dimmers

Elevate Your Home Installations with Compact, Powerful, and High-Quality Matter Switches and Dimmers. Discover Seamless Integration for Smart Living.


Technical parameters:

  • Universla 2-channels relay or 1-channel dimmer for LED
  • Installation in various types of mounting boxes
  •  ZERO CROSS Function
  • Load type variability
  • Screwless terminals
Wireless button controllers

Good to know

Matter is a universal protocol that enables seamless integration of Smart Home devices with various applications, such as HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings, or Amazon. Explore the versatility of Matter for enhanced connectivity in your smart living environment.

You’ll need a border router, such as HomePod or Google Nest, and a home Wi-Fi network with IPV6 protocol support. Ensure seamless connectivity for your Matter devices with these essential requirements.

While Matter devices are primarily designed for switching and dimming lights and other appliances, you can also configure heating control and communication with various sensors. Explore the versatile functionalities of Matter devices for customized smart home experiences