Lighting kits

Light Up Your Imagination - Where Technology and Lightning Strike a Perfect Blend.

Transform your living space, event venue, or creative installation with the dynamic energy of lightning. These kits provide a captivating centerpiece that commands attention and sparks imagination.

One box full of products, ready to use!

Transform your space with our wireless lightning kits, designed to illuminate your surroundings effortlessly. Set the mood, enhance decor, and control the brightness with a simple touch.


Even your grandma can do it!

Complex kit for your lightning, ready to be instaled

Lighting kits

Illuminate your space with brilliance and style using our exceptional Lightning Kits. Designed to cater to diverse lighting needs, our kits offer effortless installation, stunning aesthetics, and energy-efficient illumination to transform any environment.


  • Number of channels: 2-4
  • Range: up to 200 m (in the open air)
  • Numer of scenairios: 1-6

Choose your own style

Unveil the technical prowess behind our cutting-edge Lightning Kits, engineered to illuminate your space with efficiency, innovation, and exceptional performance.


Good to know

There is a wide variety of sets for switching and dimming lighting, which include switch and dimmer elements, plug-in switches and dimmers, and various types and designs of controllers.

The elements in the set are already interconnected, you just need to install them.

Yes, you can purchase additional units from the iNELS Wireless range and combine them freely with the set to create lighting scenes and functions.

Yes, but you would need the eLAN-RF smart gateway for that.